Dwarf Trees

Dwarf Orange Trees

The world’s most commonly grown type of orange tree is the Valencia. The orange produced by a Valencia dwarf tree is sweet and gets ripe during summer. The Valencia variety of orange was first introduced in Florida during the nineteenth century, and has a medium to large size and moderately thick peel.

The color of the peel and the quality and color of the juice have an excellent rating, and you can directly eat the fruit once it has been picked off the tree. A Valencia orange will turn golden when it ripens, though the fruit will turn more greenish in spring growth. However, the fruit’s inside is still juicy and sweet, and has a bright orange color.

Washington navel oranges are a seedless type and can be easily peeled. In the state of California, this variety is the most widely grown orange, and commonly available at grocery stores. Since the flavor of this orange is excellent, it is good for direct eating and creating orange juice. The white flowers of the tree are fragrant and give an attractive contrast to its dark green foliage. The good thing about this orange tree is that you can grow it as a dwarf kind indoors. The skin and flesh are orange in color, the peel is thick, and the taste is sweet.