Dwarf Trees

Dwarf Coconut Trees

Aromatic dwarf coconuts did originate in Thailand. The distinctive features of this coconut variety include sweet water and meat, several little male flowers, and white, short leaves. Immature coconuts have a green color, while their mature counterparts feature a navel near the eye once split. In addition to Aromatic, the dwarf Malayan yellow coconut originated in another Asian country Malaysia.

The distinguishing properties of this variety include sensitivity to specific kinds of fruit rot, small amount of meat, self-fertilizing, nuts with thin husks, yellow-colored petioles and leaves, and the like.

Another variety of dwarf coconut tree is Niuleka Green, originating in Fiji. The unique features of this dwarf coconut include rigid and short leaves with closely spaced and wide leaflets, a high-density crown plus short internodes, and cross-pollinating with big fruits. On the other hand, Gangabondam dwarf coconuts originated in India. A high content of oil and a combination of both dwarf and tall characteristics are the distinguishing properties.

Originated in the Philippines, pilipog is a type of dwarf coconut whose distinctive features are green and round nuts, female flowers, and pink-colored root tips and shoot base. Other popular varieties of dwarf coconut tree include, but are not limited to, Chowgat Orange, King Coconut, Catigan, Brazilian Green and Mangipod Green.